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When it comes to metal square steel bars, you have a lot of options. There are different shapes, sizes, and grades, and it can take time to decide which suits your construction needs.

But don't worry; we're here to help. We've created a directory to help you find the perfect metal square steel bars for your project. We'll walk you through the different shapes and sizes and tell you what to look for in a good supplier. So read on, and find the suitable steel bars for your next construction project!

What Are Mild Steel Bars?

Mild steel bars, also called MS bars, are created by rolling steel billets into rods of various shapes and sizes. These rods are cut into specific lengths and cross-sectioned into the desired shape (square, rectangle, round).

MS bars are a popular choice for construction projects as they are solid and durable. They are also relatively easy to work with and can be welded, bent, or cut to size. And because they are made from low-carbon steel, they are less prone to rusting or corroding than other types of steel.

Angle Bars

Sr.No Size × Thickness × Meter
1 25×25×3.0
2 30×30×3.0
3 40×40×3.0
4 40×40×2.5
5 40×40×4.0
6 50×50×3.0
Sr.No Size × Thickness × Meter
7 50×50×4.0
8 50×50×6.0
9 60×60×6.0
10 75×75×6.0
11 Z- 20×20×3.0
12 70×70×6.0

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Square Bars

Sr.No Sizes
1 8mm
2 10mm

How to Buy the Most Durable Metal Square Steel Bars

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Round Bars

Sr.No Size × Thickness × Meter
1 7.5mm
2 8mm
3 10mm
12 12mm

Reliable Mild Steel (MS) Round Bar Supplier in South Sudan.

Our MS round bars are made from the finest quality metals and are designed to be robust and long-lasting. And because the production process takes place in our in-house manufacturing facilities, we can ensure high-quality standards are always met. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and see how Future Stars Investments can help you find the perfect metal square steel bars for your construction needs.

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Flat Bars

Sr.No Size × Thickness × Meter
1 20×3.0
2 25×3.0
3 30×3.0
4 40×3.0
Sr.No Size × Thickness × Meter
5 50×3.0
6 50×6.0
7 65×6.0
8 70x6.0

Z Bars

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T-angle Bars

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Angles Bars


A. Also known as Low Carbon Steel Bar, a Mild Steel Bar refers to a type of carbon steel with low carbon properties that is typically around 0.05% to 0.25% by weight, when compared to a high-carbon steel bar that contains up to 2.5% carbon by weight.

Among the top Mild Steel Bar suppliers in Juba, we offer Mild Steel Bars that are round in shape and smooth with diameter ranging from 6mm to 50mm. They are predominantly used for construction works.

a) Angle Bars
A switch refers to an electronic device employed to make or break an electric circuit, either automatically or manually.

Also known as Mild Steel Angle, Angle Bar is a cross-section with an L-Shape containing strong anti-corrosion properties that helps to extend the life of structures constructed with them. Angles with uniform sides are referred to as equal angles while those with one side larger than the other are known as unequal angles.

Angle Bars are used extensively in the construction of buildings and houses; transmission towers, bridges, shed, and so on.

Top Angle Bar Suppliers' in South Sudan, Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd offers angle bars in a wide range of grades, finishes, and sizes.

b) Square Bars:
Also called as MS (Mild Steel) Square Bars, Square Bars are solid steel bars with a square cross-section with four equal sides; a smooth surface; and unique properties that allows them to maintain the strength and ductility of structures at a satisfactory level.

Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd offers the best steel square bars in Juba in varied sizes for diverse applications.

c) Round Bars:
Also known as Mild Steel (MS) Round Bars, Round Bars contain very low carbon content and are a highly machinaeble form of metal.

Their high adaptability gives them the flexibility to shape them as required; and also be welded easily when compared to high carbon steel bars which require specific methods and extra manpower to weld the material. Furthermore, they are also highly economical and hence are used in several applications ranging from automobile ancillaries to motorcycle frameworks, etc.

Top Round Bars Suppliers’ in South Sudan, Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd supplies a wide range of MS Round Bars in varied sizes that are used in auto-ancillaries, rollers, bushes, pins, and many more engineering industries.

d) Flat Bars:
Also known as MS Flat Bars, Flat Bars give the material an ideal measurement of solidarity and strength essential for endurance. Due to their firm properties, they are used on a tremendous scope in numerous industries from automobiles to manufacturing, etc.

When it comes to the top Flat Bars Suppliers in South Sudan, Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd has few competitors. In line with its status as among the best Flat Steel Bars Suppliers in Juba, Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd offers a wide range of Flat Bars in different sizes.

A. In construction, Mild Steel Bars are used for

  • Tensile stress of RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) slab beams, etc, in reinforced cement concrete works.
  • Steel buildings and bridges. Mild steel bars can endure significant stress and strain without breaking or deforming.
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings; pre-engineered structures are pre-fabricated and put together on-site with mild steel bars.
  • Urban Housing; Mild Steel Bars are used for housing projects requiring underground parking. Large loads and long distances can be supported by mild steel bars without fear of bending or sagging.

The Wholesaler, Distributor or Supplier for steel square bars in Juba in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd. You can find its Retail Store at Plot 180-200 Block III, Nyakuron West, Custom Market, Yei Road, Juba South Sudan. They can be contacted at Whatsapp Numbers +211921055700, +211921055100, +211921055800