Electrical & Accessory

Electrical & Accessory


Electrical accessories refer to a wide range of components used to connect, protect, and enhance electrical systems. These components include everything from switches to sockets outlets and plugs, fitting wires, lighting fittings, light fixtures, circuit breakers, fuses, surge protectors, electrical conduit pipes & fittings, breakers single pole havells, single cable fedcab and many more.

A switch refers to an electronic device employed to make or break an electric circuit, either automatically or manually.

The four types of switches are Single Pole Single Throw; Single Pole Double Throw; Double Pole Single Throw; and Double Pole Double Throw.

There are around eleven commonly used accessories in electrical installation. Among them the most relevant 6 include Switch; Main Switch; Sockets & Plugs; Lamp Holder; Fuse; and Circuit Breaker. Without these accessories, you cannot have safe electricity in your homes or offices.

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The purpose of wiring accessories is to reduce the voltage and also drop the current flow.

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Sr No Size
194 AC Switch (20A)
195 Adaptor Box 150x150x70
196 Breaker Single Pole Havells (25A)
197 Breaker Single Pole Havells (32A)
198 Breaker Single Pole Havells (40A)
199 Breaker Single Pole Havells (50A)
200 Breaker Single Pole Havells (63A)
201 C4 Ceilling Light
202 C5 Ceilling Light
203 C6 Ceilling Light
204 Cable Clips (14MM)
205 Cable Clips (18MM)
206 Cable Clips (20MM)
207 Cable Clips (22MM)
208  Cable Clips 10mm
209  Cable Clips 12mm
210 Cable Tie (3.6x300)
211 Ceiling Fan 56" 1400mm- MAAT
212 Ceilling Fan 56" MAAT
213 Change Over Euro load (100A)
214 Change Over Euro load (200A)
215 Change Over Euro load (63A)
216 D/B Single Phase Havells Complete (10W)
217 D/B Single Phase Havells Complete (14W)
218 D/B Single Phase Havells Complete (4W)
219 D/B Single Phase Havells Complete (6W)
220 D/B Single Phase Havells Complete (8W)
221 D/B Three Phase Havells Complete (4W)
222 D/B Three Phase Havells Complete (6W)
223 D/B Three Phase Havells Complete (8W)
224 D/B Three Phase Havells Complete (12W)
225 Digital Multimeter 4000counts
226 Twin Cable Rakcab (4mm)
227 Electric Cable 2.5
228 Electric Cable 6mm
229 Electrical bend 20mm
230 Electrical bend 25mm
231 Electrical Coupler 20mm
232 Electrical Coupler 25mm
233 Energy Saver Philips (11w)
234 Flexable Cable 1.5mm, 2 core
235 Flexable Cable 2.5mm, 2 core
236 Flexable Cable 4mm, 3 core
237 Wall Light MD-WL21024S-B BK WW
238 Down Light 10W
239 Extension Socket 4pot 3M
240 Extension Socket
241 Extension Socket 4P 1Switch
242 Switch 1Gang 1w 16A
243 Switch 1Gang 2way
244 Switch 2Gang lw 16A
245 Switch 2G 2w 16A
246 Socket Single 13A
247 Socket Double 13A
248 Socket Tester 30mA
249 Insulating Tape 0.19x19x10Y
250 Junction Box 25mm
251 Junction Circular 4W 25MM
252 Lamp Holder - Angle
253 Lamp Holder (Meduim)
254 Lamp Holder(medium A-33/25)
255 LED Lamp (11w)
256 LED Lamp (12w)
257 LED Lamp (20w)
258 LED Lamp (5w)
259 LED Lamp (9w)
260 LED Spot Light Square 12W
261 LED Spot Light Square 6W
262 MK Box Metallic Heavy (Single)
263 MK Box Metallic Light (Double)
264 MK Box Metallic Light (Single)
265 MK Box Metallic light single
266 MK Box Plastic (Double)
267 MK Box Plastic (Single)
268 Cable Tie (3.6)3.8x200mm
269 Cable Tie (4.6)(7.6), 5x400mm
270 Single Cable Black - 4mm
271 Single Cable Fedcab (Black, 1.5mm)
272 Single Cable Fedcab (Black, 2.5mm)
273 Single Cable Fedcab (Yellow, 1.5mm)
274 Single Cable Fedcab (Yellow, 2.5mm)
275 Single Cable Fedcab Red - 1.5mm
276 Single Cable Fedcab Red - 2.5mm
277 Standing fan
278 Television Cable TV
279 Trunking (16x16mm)
280 Trunking (16x25mm)
281 Twin Cable Rakcab (1.5mm)
282 Twin cable Rakcab (4mm)
283 Wall fan
284 Welding Cable (50MM)
285 Wire Clips 8mm