MS Plates

Mild Steel (MS) Plates Wholesaler & Retailer in South Sudan

As one of the major retailers in South Sudan for mild steel plates, Future Stars Investments is looking to expand its market share. We have been serving the industry for over one decade and are looking to expand our customer base to meet the growing demand for our products.

Our company has a reputation for quality products and services, making it an ideal partner for any business that wants to grow in this region.

We deliver a wide range of products, from mild steel plates, angle iron, rebar, channel sections, channel profiles, and high-quality steel for construction projects such as bridges, roads, and railways. Our customers can choose from standard or unique grades depending on their needs.

Chequered Plates

Sr.No Size
1 Cheq Plate 1.0mm
2 Cheq Plate 1.2mm
3 Cheq Plate 1.5mm
4 Cheq Plate 2.0mm
5 Cheq Plate 3.0mm

Steel Chequered Mild Steel (MS) Plates

We manufacture mild steel plates, mainly used in the industrial industry. The product is made from high-quality materials and has been processed through a sophisticated method to ensure that it meets all international standards. Our products are known for their durability and reliability.

Mild steel chequered scales are widely used in the construction industry, as they are good at resisting corrosion and can be readily welded. The mild steel plate is also flexible, making it easy to work with and bend without breaking.

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Diamond Plates

Sr.No Size
1 Diamond Cheq Plate 1.0mm
2 Diamond Cheq Plate 1.2mm
3 Diamond Cheq Plate 1.5mm
4 Diamond Cheq Plate 2.0mm
5 Diamond Cheq Plate 3.0mm

Premium Quality Mild Steel (MS) Diamond Plates

At Future Stars Investments, we provide the best quality Mild Steel (MS) Diamond Plates. We are the experts in the industry and have been providing our customers with high-quality MS Diamond Plates for more than 15 years. Our products are manufactured to international standards and approved by many national governments worldwide.

Our products make different construction parts such as doors and windows, gates, channels, etc.

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MS Plates

Sr.No Size
1 MS Plate 0.6mm
2 MS Plate 0.7mm
3 MS Plate 0.6mm
4 MS Plate 0.8mm
5 MS Plate 1.0mm
6 MS Plate 1.2mm
7 MS Plate 1.5mm
8 MS Plate 2.0mm
9 MS Plate 3.0mm
10 MS Plate 4.0mm
11 MS Plate 6.0mm
12 MS Plate 8.0mm
13 MS Plate 10mm
14 MS Plate 5.0mm
15 MS Plate 12mm

Best Mild Steel Plates Suppliers

Mild Steel (MS) Plates have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than other types of steel and can withstand extreme temperature changes without losing their structural integrity. This allows them to be used in areas where temperatures fluctuate considerably, such as in the winter months when it is cold outside or during the summer months when it gets sweltering out.

Mild Steel (MS) Plates are also highly resistant to corrosion. They can be used outdoors without worrying about corrosion issues occurring on the surface or within the structure itself because there aren't any harmful chemicals present within these materials themselves.

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Door Plates

Best Metal Door Plates Designs

Steel door plates are the best choice to make your house attractive. This is because a steel house has a great look; it is durable, cheap, easy to maintain, and lightweight. Steel door plates are primarily used in commercial construction and residential buildings. For example, if you build a house in your own country or abroad, you can choose steel door plates to make your home more attractive. In addition, they have many styles, such as plate edge welding, plate edge welding process, and plate angle welding process.

You can rely on our company if you are looking for the best metal door plate designs. Our company has been providing our customers with the best metal door plate designs for a long time. You can select from a broad range of products with different designs and sizes.

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Star Cheq Plates

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Eye Cheq Plates

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MS Plates


A Mild Steel (MS) Plate refers to a galvanized steel sheet plate that is among the most common form of steel; flexible and not brittle; and possess strong capabilities despite being stronger than stainless steel plate. Additionally, it gives strength to concrete cement in a building of any type of structural work; and can be easily cut and drilled to meet the required requirements.

Since it is easy to work with, it is used in a variety of industrial applications and construction projects; and can be shaped into any shape easily in line with the requirements of the construction task.

a) Chequered Plates:
Also called as 'Tread Plate', 'Durbar Floor Plate', and 'Diamond Plates', Chequered Plates are known for their slip-resistant qualities that ensures the safety of workers in construction sites in areas like catwalks, platform, ramps, staircase, trailer floors, truck bed, and walkways. Aside from this, they also help to provide a contemporary aesthetic touch to construction properties and enhance their decorative value.

Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd offers the best Steel Chequered Plates in Juba in different designs, materials, and textures in line with industry standards to cater to specific requirements of different construction projects.

b) Diamond Plates:
Also referred to as Deck Plates or Floor Plates, Diamond Plates are a type of non-slip walking surface, with a raised pattern or texture on one side and smooth pattern on the other side. The raised bumps on the surface of the diamond plate increase the friction between a person's shoe and the surface of the plate reducing the chance of the person slipping on the walking surface.

Diamond Plates are increasingly used on metal stairs to offer enhanced traction.

The top Diamond Plate Suppliers' in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

c) Mild Steel Plates:
Also called as Plain-Carbon Steel or Low-Carbon Steel, Mild Steel Plates are extremely strong and durable thanks to the low amounts of carbon present inside them. Less carbon makes Mild Steel Plates a more ductile, malleable, machinable, and weldable than carbon and other types of steel.

The high strength and malleability as well as ease of shaping and welding of Mild Steel Plates makes them a popular choice for the construction of pipelines and manufacture of products in the consumer industry.

Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd, among the top MS Plates Suppliers' in South Sudan, offers Mild Steel Plates in varied grades, sizes, and specifications.

d) Door Plates:
Known for their sturdy make, Door Plates refer to a plate of metal that is predominantly used on the door of a house or room, bearing the name and sometimes the business of the occupant.

Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd offers a wide range of high-class Door Plates in Juba that are fabricated using high quality galvanized steel, in different designs, patterns, sizes, and colour schemes.

The main components of a Mild Steel (MS) Plate are carbon and iron. The greater carbon component in a MS Plate enhances its hardness and strength.

MS Plates are commonly used in a diverse spectrum of construction projects because it

  • Is easy to work with and can be easily shaped into any shape as per the construction needs.
  • Possess stronger capabilities when compared to Carbon Steel despite being softer than Stainless Steel Plate.
  • Gives strength to a concrete cement in a building or any structural work.
  • Possess high qualities of carbon and as such is frequently used as an adornment.
  • Possess good conductivity and is helpful when it comes to construction of structures that keeps humans away from electric shocks.

MS Plates are extensively used in the following construction projects – Buildings, Commercial Structures, and Projects for Housing Complex.

The top MS Plate Suppliers in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

The Wholesaler, Distributor or Supplier in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd. You can find the Retail Store of this top Mild Steel Plate Suppliers and Diamond Plate Suppliers at Plot 180-200 Block III, Nyakuron West, Custom Market, Yei Road, Juba South Sudan. They can be contacted at Whatsapp Numbers +211921055700, +211921055100, +211921055800