Fence Meshes

Fence Meshes


A Mesh Fence is a form of fence that can be made from metal, plastic, or vinyl; and used to secure various areas or structures in private and industrial applications; and also add a unique decorative aspect to any location.

There are four basic types of Mesh Fence.

  • GBW: Also called as Galvanized Before Weld Wire Fences, they can be either welded or woven. They are used to manufacture the mesh.
  • GAW: Also called Galvanized After Weld Fencing Materials, they are galvanized after the welding or weaving process. The mesh is drawn through a bath of molten zinc which thoroughly seals the wire, including the welded and woven areas.
  • VC: Also known as Vinyl Coated Fencing Materials, they are coated with either polyester or PVC after the welding or weaving process.
  • SS & OTHER ALLOYS: Also called as Stainless Steel Materials, they are the most specialized type available. They can resist rust, corrosion, and other environmental stressors. SS Steel welded wire meshes have often been used as fences in coastal areas.

Wire Steel Mesh is termed as among the most prevalent materials used for construction works because it is resistant to corrosion and rust; and offers the right mix of customizability and durability.

In addition, it is preferred because it helps to

  • Increase the overall strength of a concrete structure like a column, a slab, or a concrete roadway; and can keep the materials together as they settle. Additionally, they act as a heavy-duty core and help to strengthen the structural integrity of concrete structures.
  • Secure the site’s perimeter and function as a barricade to help all workers to stay off the danger area, and stay safe; and prevent people from wandering accidently into the construction site; and avoid any hazards, injuries, or construction accidents.

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