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These days, Grey has emerged as the most popular colour for floor tiles. Grey along with light white represents the best choice for floor tiles as they make you feel calm and energetic. Besides, white colour represents purity, positivity, and excellence.

Mastics. It is an adhesive that is primarily used to bond tile to drywall or plywood. The best advantage of Mastic Adhesive is it involves no mixing and is relatively inexpensive. Besides, it has a higher initial tack than thinset usually does; this will hugely benefit when installing tile on vertical surfaces.

If you’re looking for tiles for bathroom that last a long time, then Porcelain is the best material. It is durable, sturdy, and highly water-resistant; and is not easy to scratch or stain.

If you are looking for a glossy look for your tiles for bathroom, then matte tiles are the best as they are known for their non-shiny and non-slip surface, which makes them the best choice for floors in bathrooms as well as kitchens.

There are several colour choices for roof tiles. It all depends on what kind of colour your house has and what colour you want for your roof tiles.

The colour choices include

  • Blue or Grey House: Dark Grey or Black Roof Tiles.
  • Cream or Tan House: Brown, Cream, or their combined mix Roof Tiles.
  • Green, Red, or Yellow House: Brown, Grey, or Black Roof Tiles.
  • White House: Dark Grey or Black Roof Tiles. They give a traditional look.

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Sr No Size
1086 Tiles 30*30
1087 Tiles 30*20
1088 Tiles 40*40
1089 Tiles 60*60
1090 Tiles Adhesive
1091 Tiles 40*25