Hand Tools & Accessory

Hand Tools & Accessory


Hand Tools refer to general tools like files, pliers, screw drivers, and wrenches, all of which do not require any power to operate.

On the other hand, Accessories refer to equipment or tools associated with a giant tool or a machine

Hand tools and Accessories are used predominantly in plumbing jobs. They can also be used in assembling furniture or bike repairs to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts.

Hand Tools & Accessories offer many advantages; they are of different types and can be used for any kind of work. They give a high degree of total precision during operations and can be manoeuvred while working. Besides, when using them, you require no power or fuel or air pressure; and can use them at any time.

Their smaller and more compact nature when compared to power tools, measuring tools, and garden tools makes them easier and lighter to transport as well.

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