Hollow Sections

Structural Hollow Section Pipes Price in South Sudan

We are the leading supplier of hollow structural sections in South Sudan. For your project needs, we provide Mild Steel (MS), Square Hollow Sections, Rectangular Hollow Sections, and Round Hollow Sections. Our products are made of high-quality materials and are resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for harsh environments. Our products are available at competitive prices.

Structural hollow section pipes are necessary to construct modern buildings and infrastructure. These pipes transport fluids such as water, sewage, or oil. They are highly durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions if adequately maintained.

Sr.No Size
1 16×16×1.2mm
2 20×20×1.2mm
3 25×25×1.2mm
4 25×25×2.0mm
5 30×30×1.2mm
6 30×30×2.0mm
7 40×40×1.2mm
8 40×40×1.5mm
9 40×40×2.0mm
10 40×40×3.0mm
Sr.No Size
11 50×50×1.2mm
12 50×50×2.0mm
13 50×50×3.0mm
14 75×75×2.0mm
15 75×75×2.5mm
16 75×75×3.0mm
17 100×100×2.0mm
18 100×100×3.0mm
19 100×100×4.0mm

Square Hollow Sections at Best Price

We are a leading supplier of square hollow section pipes in South Sudan. Our range of square open sections pipes is designed to meet the needs of our clients. We have provided top-quality square hollow sections pipes for over 10 years in South Sudan and are proud of our achievements. Our expertise in this area has helped us to establish an excellent reputation with our clients by delivering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Square Hollow Sections Pipes is an excellent choice for many types of applications. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for structural applications with high loads and bending moments. Square Hollow Sections Pipes are also suitable for use in pipelines and other applications requiring them to carry liquids or gases. The section is available in various sizes and gauges with different wall thicknesses.

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Sr.No Size
1 30×20×1.2mm
2 40×20×1.2mm
3 40×25×1.2mm
4 60×40×1.2mm
5 60×40×1.5mm
6 60×40×3.0mm

Mild Steel (MS) Rectangular Hollow Sections

Rectangular hollow sections are used in various applications, such as structural Steel and shipbuilding. They can be used to support loads from wind and other forces while maintaining the structural integrity of their base material.

We can supply Mild Steel (MS) Rectangular Hollow Sections in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that best fits your application needs.

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Sr.No Size
1 20×1.2mm
2 25×1.2mm
3 32×1.2mm
4 30×2.0mm
5 40×1.2mm
6 40×2.0mm
7 40×3.0mm
8 50×1.2mm
9 50×3.0mm
10 63×1.2mm
11 75×2mm
12 100×2mm
13 100×3mm
14 100×4mm

Round Hollow Sections Pipes Supplier

We are a professional supplier of round hollow section pipes, whose main products are carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel open sections. We have a professional research and development team and advanced production lines to ensure our products are of high quality.

Projects. Round open sections pipes suppliers offer many benefits, including:

  • Round hollow sections pipes suppliers can be used in various applications, so you don't have to restrict yourself to one type of application.
  • Round hollow sections pipes suppliers are highly resistant to vibration, so they are perfect for use in heavy machinery where vibration is an issue.
  • Round hollow sections of pipe suppliers can often be welded together, making them ideal for creating larger pieces of equipment out of smaller ones.
  • Round hollow sections pipes suppliers are often made from different materials that can be mixed and matched to create the exact look and feel you want for your project.

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Hollow Sections


A. A Hollow Section refers to metal profiles with hollow cross sections on the inside. They are rated as among the most dependable, versatile, and economical forms of steel that can be used for plenty of mechanical and building applications.

a) Square Hollow Section
Also called as SHS (Square Hollow Section), Hollow Square Section in terms of aesthetics, mechanical properties, and structural behavior, is suitable for joining and welding; and requires minimal to no edge preparation.

It has a

  • Symmetrical appearance that’s similar to a CHS; and at times, provides the ideal balance of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and strength for applications that requires all three.
  • High carrying characteristic which reduces corner radii.

The top supplier for Square Hollow Section in Juba is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

b) Rectangular Hollow Section:
Also called as Hollow Rectangular Section, Rectangular Hollow Section has flat surfaces; and requires little to no edge preparation for joining or soldering. Parts only need to be cut straight when joined to other flat surfaces due to the hollow section’s rectangular shape.


  • Flat surfaces make them suitable for certain categories of construction. Besides, they are a more structurally sound and cost-effective choice.
  • Sleek form and clean shape makes them suitable for applications requiring extensive joining and welding; and for architectural aesthetics.

For Rectangular Hollow Section supplies in Juba, look no further than Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

c) Round Hollow Section:
Also known as Hollow Circular Section or Round Steel Tube, Round Hollow Section is a typical steel section used in varied formats across varied industries. It has smooth and clean lines; and no sharp or protruding edges or a lack of sharp or protruding edges. It offers a great mix of aesthetic appeal, practicality and strength for applications that require all three.

It is predominantly used when failure is not an option, that is, low-temperature applications; and construction, mechanical, and structural applications.

The top supplier for Round Hollow Section pipes in Juba is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

A. Hollow sections are formed through two basic methods. One method called the Seamless Process involves piercing of a hole through a hot solid round tube. The other process called the Welded Process involves formation of a steel plate or strip into cylindrical shape and the edges welded together.

A. Hollow Sections are used in various industries and projects requiring materials to withstand corrosive (or damaging elements) and that demands a high level stability. They are preferred because of their superior ability to withstand high loads over long periods.

A. These days, Hollow Sections make-up a large portion of structural foundations. They have been used in iconic structures like football stadiums; domes, shopping centres, roller-coasters, and such likes.

In Juba, the top Structural Hollow Sections Suppliers is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

A. The Wholesaler, Distributor or Supplier for Round Hollow Section Pipes in Juba in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd. You can find its Retail Store at Plot 180-200 Block III, Nyakuron West, Custom Market, Yei Road, Juba South Sudan. They can be contacted at Whatsapp Numbers +211921055700, +211921055100, +211921055800