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Future Stars Investments is a beams and channels wholesaler in South Sudan.

We offer our customers a wide range of quality raw materials at a competitive price. We have experts who can provide the best assistance to our clients regarding the product. Our company has established its presence in the market for over ten years and has been growing steadily. We have built up a solid buyer base due to the quality of our products. Our company has proved its commitment to the satisfaction of customers through the timely delivery of high-quality services.


Sr.No Size
1 100×55×4
2 140×73×6
3 160×82×6
4 120×65×6
5 200×100×6

I beam H beam; what is the difference between I & H Beams?

I-beams and H-beams are the most common types of structural steel used in buildings. They are both commonly used in construction, but there are some differences that you should know about if you're considering using one over the other for your next project.

I-Beam vs. H-Beam

I-beam and H-beam are both structural steel beams that can be used for building projects. They differ in terms of their cross-section, which is the shape of the shaft when viewed from the side. An H-beam has a broader cross-section than an I-beam, which means it can carry more weight on its sides than an I-beam can.

The main difference is that I beams don't have any bearing on the ground, whereas H beams do. This means that when an I beam is being built, it has to be placed directly above the foundation it will rest against. If you're making a home and want to use an, I beam as a support beam; you can use the same thing you would for any other support beam—a concrete footing and rebar.

However, when using an H beam, there's a little more work involved in getting it into place. You need to dig out space for the foundation below your structure, pour concrete around it, and attach it to your foundation with rebar.

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Sr.No Size
1 50×25×4
2 75×43×4
3 100×50×6
4 125×63×6
5 120×63×6
6 160×63×6
7 180×70×6
8 200×75×8

Best U Channel Steel Bar Retailer

Future Stars Investments is a leading manufacturer and supplier of u-channel steel bars, u-channel metal bars, and mild steel u-channel sizes in South Sudan.

If you are looking for a U Channel Steel Bar retailer, then Future Stars Investments is the right choice. We offer high-quality steel bars at competitive prices. Our steel bars are highly durable and can be used in many different applications.

Stainless steel U channel sizes come in different lengths depending on how much space between the bottom of the channel and the ground surface below it.

Future Stars Investments has been growing steadily since its inception and will continue to do so in the future!

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Beams & Channels


Also known as ‘Universal Beam’ or H or W or Wide or Rolled Joints, an I-Beam refers to a structural steel beam (or member) with a shape that’s similar to a capitalized I or capitalized H on its side. Shaped like an I, they comprise of two horizontal planes known as Flanges connected by one vertical component; or the Web. They are designed to function as a support member in structures; and possess the capacity to withstand different kinds of loads.

The various types of I-Beams –

  • H-PILES: Also known as Bearing Piles, they have parallel flange surfaces with wider thicknesses across all sections of the beam. They are able to withstand greater vertical loads.
  • WIDE FLANGE BEAMS OR W-BEAMS: They have wider legs; and do not necessarily have equal web and flange thicknesses.

I-Beams are used for a variety of purposes in the structural steel construction. They are often used as a critical support trusses or the main framework in buildings; and offer great load bearing support when used horizontally or standing as columns.

They are also a favoured choice shape for structural steel constructions as they make it uniquely capable of handling a variety of loads.

The top Building beams suppliers’ in Juba is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

A U-Channel refers to a ‘semi’ pre-assembled doorway system with the jamb and casing pre-constructed, cut to length; and ready for installation (3 sides). Each U-Channel wraps around the rough frame opening (at all 3 sides) which forms a finished door frame.

The types of U-Channels include Aluminium U-Channel; Glass U-Channel; Metal U-Channel; Steel U-Channel; Fencing U-Channel; & Stainless Steel U-Channel.

The best source for channels supplies in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

I-Beams are used in construction because they are designed to resist bending, reflecting, vibration, and yielding due to their shape. They also help to distribute weight equally; can bear higher loads; have a high moment of inertia; prevent vibration; and help in fabrication.

Above all, they are lightweight, come in varied dimensions; and can be used for spans of nearly 100 feet and most importantly reused and recycled.

The best source for I-Beams and H-Beams in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd.

The Wholesaler, Distributor or Supplier for steel square bars in Juba in South Sudan is Future Stars Investments (FSI) Ltd. You can find its Retail Store at Plot 180-200 Block III, Nyakuron West, Custom Market, Yei Road, Juba South Sudan. They can be contacted at Whatsapp Numbers +211921055700, +211921055100, +211921055800.